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All Wrapped Up in Love

I want to give you a hug. Not just a “hi how’re you doing” hug. Not an “It’s been so long” hug, but a real “I understand you” hug. I want to give you this hug because I want you to know that I can really see you. These hugs are often few and far between, but when given empathically and at the right time, they can do wonders. This post is an electronic hug from me to you. A safe, comforting, caring, honest and understanding hug that makes you feel just a little bit less alone. A little bit less scared. A little more appreciated for everything you are doing in the world. And I hope that this hug reaches you wherever you are right now, whatever has been going on in your life. This hug will not touch you physically, there is no chance of it being misinterpreted as anything more than compassion. This hug is for you alone, you who is reading this at this very moment. You didn’t just accidentally find your way here to be reading my blog, I don’t believe that. For whatever reason, you were brought here because the universe felt that you needed this hug. And so here is it, a beautiful way to share some lightness and hope in a traumatised and sometimes hostile world. This is a hug from me for you.


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