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Crashing below the surface

Welcome to a whole new year! We can only hope that it turns out better than 2020. To be honest, I haven’t been writing very much the past month as I have been struggling with my inner demons, however I felt it important to reach out with this blog post. We all suffer at some point in our lives, nobody gets out of it unscathed. However it is important to remember that moods are like ocean waves, they come and go with the tides. When you feel like you are being tossed around in the surf, it is important to keep doing whatever you can to keep your head above the water. And when we see others struggling, we need to use our strength and kindness to reach out and help. Everyone has the potential to change the direction of someone else’s life. And isn’t that amazing? To share some hope in a person’s dark time may seem somewhat insignificant, and yet it is like throwing them a life vest as the waves threaten to sink them. Yes, you could very well save a life.

So maybe we can start this new year off with a random act of kindness. Go through your day with an open mind and open eyes. Look for the opportunity to reach out to someone, even if just with a kind word. I pray that this new year will bring us relief from the fear and dread of Covid-19. Let us work together in bringing down Corona and in helping our fellow people find joy in their daily lives. And when the hardships do attempt to strike us down, give us the strength to fight through it and come out victoriously on top.


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