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Create a Masterpiece

What if at birth we are all given a set of tools that we will use to create a masterpiece out of our lives? Everyone is given a different set of tools, and different experiences that determine what our masterpiece will turn out to be like. We can’t all expect to lead the same lives as each other. If we all had the same set of paints, pens, paper, the same glob of clay, or the same piece of wood to whittle, the outcome would just be variants of the same story with the same conclusion. The lessons I have been through in my life have led me to a completely different place to where you find yourself now. But I want you to understand how important your story is. Because your unique life experiences impact on all those you touch, and who in turn touch others with their lives. I have created with the palette of paints that I was given, a beautiful and colourful life. There is intrigue, happiness, sorrow, excitement, suspense, and a whole array of qualities that will go beyond me as I leave my mark on the world. The same can be said for you. I am here to encourage you to leave that mark, to share your knowledge and wisdom with those around you. Because surely the impact of that alone can change the course of history. It’s like the “butterfly effect”, one simple gesture or movement in your life could change the trajectory of someone else’s life who you don’t even know. So use the tools that you have been given and create something amazing with your life! Share your uniqueness, share your talents, and share your honesty.


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