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Guardians of the Truth

Whether you believe in UFOs or not, there is clearly something going on that we do not understand.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) as they call them, have been sighted an enormous amount of times since the 1040s with Roswell, and people are still keeping secrets.

The US Navy has witnessed so many unexplained objects flying over our planet descending at different altitudes in ways that are impossible for us with the knowledge we have about physics at this point.

Why is the pentagon hiding these UAPs? Why are there so many secrets? Is it really for the good of our civilisation?

And what is their excuse? That people who believe in them are insane. They denied that area 51 even existed - DENIAL DENIAL DENIAL. Everything is a conspiracy that needs to come into the light. In 2021, the pentagon finally came out with the truth in admitting that the majority of UAP sightings documented could not be explained. This validated what UFO researchers have been saying for centuries. I think it will be interesting to see where this takes us in the future and what is the truth behind these sightings and extraterrestrial visitations.


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