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H is for Hope

Hope is a funny thing. With it you can achieve so much, because you BELIEVE you can achieve so much. And yet without it, we feel dead. Hope is much like a silver lining which makes even the darkest storms survivable. I believe it is one of the most important words in the dictionary. And you know what the great thing about hope is? You can pass it on. If someone feels like they have none, hope is like a candle flame which can be passed on to the next person. It can be shared. Hope is that little place in your heart where all things that are possible grow from. Try and always keep a little hope in that spot, and allow it to grow. Hope comes and goes, we don't always have much within us, but it's at those times when we need to be open to others, so that their hope can be shared with us. Believe that it will come back, and nurture it when it does. I have hope for you.


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