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There is actually a therapy called Laughter Therapy. Yes, that’s how valid laughter can be. You need to laugh sometimes. Heart ache and misery are common for all, everyone feels hurt sometimes, everyone cries, everyone suffers these difficult emotions. But the way out? It’s to take a moment and smile. A little joke can turn a frown upside down. Sharing that joke, sharing that smile, is contagious. I know you might be reading this and be thinking as the tears run down your cheeks, that you will never feel that happiness again, or even a small reprieve from the soul crushing turmoil that has laid eggs in your heart, but I’m here to say that you will. You will smile again. You will smile at someone else who in turn is experiencing their own form of personal hell, and it will help them too, just as I say it will help you. So look out for that moment, that simple something that will make you smile, because it’s there to be shared, and it’s there to be enjoyed.


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