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And here it begins...

I sit here on my red suede couch watching my favourite TV show Law & Order: SVU. I try to conjure up something profound to write about, something I want to share with the world. But my mind is blank. I am just a snail on the ground, a very slow snail, making its way across the wooden floorboards, leaving a trail of slippery goo behind me.

I decide to begin with this week. The day after tomorrow I will be starting DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) again as an outpatient, to retrain my mind into coping with shit better. That’s pretty much it.

Not everything you see and hear is gospel. If I believed everything I saw, I’d be a notebook. With scribbles running back and forth across the page. You believe with abandon that you will eventually be freed, you believe you know yourself but alas you don’t. These metaphorical locks that restrain you are strong and you are stuck with your head in the sand. Are you ready to break free? Are you ready to question your own sanity? Watch this space because I’ll be regularly sharing my thoughts on life, the universe and everything. You’re welcome.


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