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I'd Like to Thank You

When I was 5, there were traditional layers of energy. But at some point, a jealous competitor came up behind me, interrupting a lifetime that still scars me to this day. Ever since, I've been standing in front of mirrors.

A few years ago, my dreams for the future consist of percolator coffee - your dreams needn't improve on your current state.

I'd love to win some day, I like the idea of an acceptance speech, but you'll find me two glasses of white wine down, standing in my living room sobbing. I've cried through emotional tales of triumph over adversity and wrestled with the idea of a half-bow and exiting stage left. I'm the kind of person that can't sing and I've been dreaming of recognition since my moment in the sun, in a borrowed gown while following dreams.

I am talking until the music plays me off.


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