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In The Thick of Things

In the thick of things I find my blood like molasses, sticky in my veins and arteries. It makes its way through my body, sluggish and tired. I can hear the others crying, but I am bruised, purple and swollen. You’ll get through this they say. It’s ok to feel this way. But my weak body says differently. I’m in the thick of things, and I’m scared. Molasses blood makes it slow for me to run. Each step feels like I’m pulling my leg from slow drying cement. The exertion is phenomenal, each breath inhales like thick black smoke. I'm in the thick of things and it hurts. See this smile? It's for you, not for me. There is a whirlwind of thoughts swimming around outside my head, can't you see? Can't you see? I'm in the thick of things, and you can't help. Do you think I could disappear before they found me? I keep breathing. Ouch.


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