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I have flaws, I have cracks, and at times I am broken. I need to be okay with that because who wants to know a perfectionist anyway? Your flaws are what make you who you are, they are the glue that holds you together. Have you ever heard of Kintsugi? It is a practice they have in Japan where if they have a broken bowl, they paint the cracks with gold thus making it more beautiful and cherished than it was before? I am that bowl, I have gold running through my arteries and veins, and I am beautiful because of my imperfections. We need to stop comparing ourselves with others because there is no comparison to be made. My life is my own, with unique hurdles and accomplishments that I alone can experience and conquer. We all have different lessons to be learned, but the fact that we are not whole should not hinder that growth. Rather it is what makes us beautiful, nay exceptional. It is what makes us different, and it is this difference that makes us shine. So hold onto that thought when you are in despair, for it is your imperfections that make you perfect. And you are perfect just the way you are.


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