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May be.

May be you would agree that though it may be metaphoric, we all have a little demon and a little angel on our shoulders, trying to influence our decisions and our actions. I was speaking to a young lady just this evening about said demon and angel and concluded that the angel gets stronger as we grow older. Our decisions become more thought out and less impulsive, our actions have consideration behind them and we are able to make informed choices in our lives. But is this true?

May be in everything, there is both positive and negative, ebony and ivory, Ying and Yang, lightness and darkness. How we traverse through our lives juggling this dichotomy in a paradigm of our own creation, surely effects the balance of our reality.

May be our lives do follow a path of many intersections, much like a spider's web. And perhaps as such, there are an infinite number of possibilities in which our realities can follow, surely leading us to a life self determined and unknowingly thought out.

May be I know nothing. May be I know everything. But you are the one still reading.


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