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It’s been 21 years. Although there’s a lot I don’t remember, I know it’s been a long journey and I know that I have grown.

Sometimes it may feel like you are stuck in the mud, that you can’t get your feet out and everything seems desperate. What does it feel like to be stuck in the mud? It’s different for everyone. One person might have a physical illness, one might have had a divorce, one person might have had a loved one die, one might have failed their studies. Although you may not notice it at the time, whatever got you stuck in the mud, you CAN get out. It’s weird, it’s not until you are well and truly past that, do you feel any different. One day I was an immature, emotionally unstable, psychotic 20-something, and the next, I’m a 41 year old artist and author, helping friends and stringing words of hope together.

It's hard to see where your life is going without first acknowledging the past. We learn from

these life lessons and they lead us to where we are now, educated and well-adjusted.

If you are still stuck in the mud, I want to offer you some hope. You will get out of it. You probably won’t even realise that you’ve gotten out of it until you find yourself where I am now. Where you can accept your past and have hope for the future, because look how far you have come!


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