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Reality vs. Imaginary

Someone had once told her, “This too shall pass”. But who was that person, where were they now and how the fuck did they know? She felt like so many times that she could cry, but are the emotions real if no one can see them? If one cries in the dark, does anyone hear? And if no one hears, did it really happen? Maybe she was just a figment of someone else’s vivid imagination? Maybe she didn’t exist at all? May be if she kept her eyes shut tight, she would simply disappear and vanish from the world. But when she opened her eyes again, she was still there in the dark.

The problem was that she had no one to compare her feelings and actions with. Sometimes even reality must be questioned, and not just taken for face value. Don’t you agree? The question we must ask ourselves is how much are we willing to settle for? Are you happy enough with your life? Is it all you ever imagined it to be? Does it meet your expectations? If not, why are you still here? It is so easy to fold into the darkness and let your fate carry you away without a direction of your choosing. She wanted to have something to say, to leave her stamp on the world, for people to remember her by. Or had this all been in vain? Would someone find her one day with nothing left of her besides her shattered bones?

Could you believe if the Gods gave you proof? That what you see is just the skin, and what’s inside each cell, each atom, is the heartbeat of the universe? Sometimes the vibrations and the sounds, the smells and the feelings are better believed with eyes closed. Could you take a chance on a whim, or a gut feeling if the stakes were raised? If eternity was on the table and you were playing with your life? These were the questions she entertained herself with before she said a silent prayer and stepped outside.


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