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Silence is Golden

In any given situation, how do we decide between what to say and what to think? I find a lot of people skip the whole thinking business and just blurt out whatever comes to their minds. Let me assure you, they are not all pearls of wisdom.

In Finland, people are known for their silence, and yet they manage to communicate just fine. They listen to what the other person is saying, they pick up and read facial cues as well as body language. And guess what? They understand!

Does what you are about to say NEED to be said? If not, what is the point? I find from experience, that listening is more important than what you have to say. People need kindness, they need understanding, they need to know that you are engaging with them, not just waiting for your moment to talk. Next time you want to tell someone something, count to 10 and see if after that time you still think it’s important enough to share. It is when we are quiet and sit with our own silence, that we achieve a sense of peace.


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