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The Red Curtain Goes Up

Do you ever wonder what is happening behind the red velvet curtains that we find ourselves performing in front of each and every day? I mean, who wrote the script that we are reading from? Who would we find watching us from their seats in the audience? Dictating how serious our plight may be, how melancholic our tragedy or even how funny our comedy, all leading us through the play that is our lives. We follow the script as we are given it, and put on the best performance that we are capable of. But for who? Did you ever consider looking further into it? Like may be changing the plot? Why should we have to continue this play, act after act, soliloquy after soliloquy, all just following some masterpiece of literature written for a fantastical audience that we are not even sure are watching. How did we get to where we are now without an original thought in our heads? I implore you to question the script you’ve been given. Are you happy with it? Are there sections that you would like to change? And if it were even possible, would you want to take control of this script and lead the audience on your own magical adventure? I say, bring it on!! Be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do, and at the end of the show, take a deep bow as the audience cheers for an encore.


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