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Time Waits for No one

How do we know that time is linear? That it goes in a straight line from yesterday, to today, to tomorrow? Where does it go to after that? Is it all around us or is it more of a platform that we stand on, travelling through space? If there were no sun and no moon, how would we even know what time really was? If the fact that we are on a planet that revolves around a huge shining rock wasn’t what defined our concept of time, how would we even know that it existed? Or that we were a part of it and that our bodies are affected by it? I am just a lay person with no real scientific knowledge, so I may be completely off the mark, but time is a concept that seems very intangible to me. Sometimes it feels like it’s going fast, other times at snail pace slow. And yet in theory it travels at a constant rate. We can neither see, nor feel, nor hear it and yet thanks to time, our bodies continue to age. So if yesterday and tomorrow are merely intangible and distant ideas created by our minds to explain the passing and the coming of time, what is the present? This very nanosecond that just passed as quickly as it arrived, seems to be the only quantifiable measurement that we have of time, and yet the experience of that measurement disappears as suddenly from our consciousness as it entered it. Like sands through an hourglass, time plays a grand game. A game that we are only subconsciously aware that we are in and yet something our lives depend on. Although we have no physical effect on our concept of time, it is always just out of our reach, we continue to grow and age with each rotation of the sun and each blink of our eyes. Time indeed waits for no one.


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