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Tiny things

Have you ever thought about quantum physics? It is the study of subatomic particles, in other words, really tiny things. Do you think it is possible that there is a whole other world swirling around us, a universe we have little knowledge of, and yet one that holds everything together like a pretty pink bow. There is so much about the universe (or multiverse) that we do not understand. Phenomenon such as wormholes and their ability to transport us across vast distances in space, is truly an explosive idea. If we are all just protons, neutrons and electrons dancing around in a playground of infinite probabilities, how do we explain emotions and thought processes that seem to have little place in a world of mathematical equations? Is it possible that the molecules that are holding us together are the very same molecules that make the stars shine at night? That the molecules of the air we breathe are the same as the molecules of the deep dark oceans? Quantum physics attempts to expand your consciousness and offer you the chance to transport your beliefs into a new way of thinking, to separate the molecules around us and examine their effects on each other. Stephen Hawking’s imagination must have been as expansive as his mathematical genius to have thought that anything like this could be possible. In regards to intelligence, it is with imagination and an open mind that we come up with new and exciting ideas. And so, I write this as an invitation for you to think outside the box that we find ourselves in, and explore the multitude of possibilities that this universe has to offer you.


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