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Under my blue delusion umbrella

Could you believe if the Gods gave you proof? That what you see is just the skin, and what’s inside each cell, each atom, is the heartbeat of the universe? Sometimes the vibrations and the sounds, the smells and the feelings are better believed with eyes closed. Could you take a chance on a whim, or a gut feeling if the stakes were raised? If eternity was on the table and you were playing for your life?

How can you really know what is real? If you can use all senses to validate your surroundings, does that make it reality? What if both realities seem just as viable as the other? How does it differ to the daydreams we have, the imagined places where we find ourselves safe and secure? How do you know that what you are feeling and seeing right now is actual and real? Look around you. What would you say if I told you that everything you are seeing and feeling is a dream? Would you believe me? What if life is just an extravagant fantasy?

May be reality is not a conception, not a place in time, or a world shared by all. May be reality is a place of your own choosing, where you exist willingly and happily within. May be they both exist side by side, reality and fiction. May be you need to decide.


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